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The A CAR FOR LESS Web Site is owned and maintained by Dealer Support Services.  It was created so that car dealers could upload their entire inventory with pictures included, with a One-Button-Click Action.  The way the site was designed, the car dealers who sign up and want to maintain a consistant list of their cars on A CAR FOR LESS simply click the upload button in there Autologic program (created by Dealer Support Services).  When the dealer uploads to A CAR FOR LESS, any In-Stock Units that they have are sent up to the web site, while any cars that were In-Stock are taken off. Now Dealer Support has developed a new upload tool to enable dealers that do not have AutoLogic to upload their inventory and pictures to the web.   

If you are a Car Dealer who is interested in signing-up for A CAR FOR LESS, simply call Dealer Support Services at: (863) 937-9739    Fax: (270) 373-0020

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